Hol(e)y Arugula

We went to the farmers market for the first time.
2 days of hard and impressing team work proceeded this sunny and remarking day. The uncertainty gave way for all the little wonders that kept us going.

For most it was just another Sunday's market.
For us it was something like an official milestone in our change of lifestyle.

In Germany we were visiting these kind of markets to get the good stuff for our boys. Driving a bike with a trailer, we packed as much organic foodstuff we could. Here, in New Paltz, it seems, that the people prefer to take very minimal amounts of fresh greens. In plastic boxes instead of bringing their linen bags. Generally the mentality here is to have everything boxed and already cut, instead of fresh from the field.

Who cares that the nutrients and live energy goes in vain. Becoming lazy from consuming too much media, for too long, many Americans worship convenience.

This being said, we only made a little more than the fee for the table. Ok, it was 64$. Sure, our Arugula was extremely bitten by millions of flea beetles. We thought no one will like it. Almost true. At least some sustainable minded Chefs really like the quality of this natural taste - and want something like 10lbs every week!!

Indeed it is very nutty in taste, which you can also smell - not to compare with supermarket factory standardized Arugula.

In conclusion: flea beetle bites are something like our quality certificate. Proven organic ?. Anyway, that means we have to plant more soon...

TOP 3 - Why was it worth to go anyway:

  1. It was our duty ( to try and learn )
  2. Our boys learned something about hard work. Most noteworthy: surprisingly, a lady was trading some greens versus a children book about Wolves.
  3. We met a series of cooks which took our products as samples and asked for more...

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