Cows in the forest

Finally we did it.

we transferred the 4 cows to the forest!

Well, actually they are not our cows.

But for us it feels like they are our kids.

Why into the forest, you might ask.

Give me a moment to introduce the ladies a little bit first.

Radhika, the durch belt calf lady was giving her blessings first.

Not after making a nice poop into the warehouse

by the way: did I tell you we are selling that S***?

Ok, more about that later in another post.

Alright, first things first…

Besides Radhikas decision to break out of the old wooden fence, she may would have been first in the row anyway.

Gopal, my 8 year old son is really a friend and protector for the cows – literally that is what his name means.

And Radhika is his special love.

I think it is due to her plain beauty and calm nature.

Today she proved that again by just following to the forest, whereas the 2 Brown Swiss cows, escorted by the growing Ox BHIMA were running pretty wild.

Kicking in the air, dragging me in zig zag around, till I showed them who the master is. Puh.

Animals have feelings

How can people say that animals have no souls, as it is so obvious that they not only have feelings, consciousness, but also very distinct personalities and different qualities.

So far my thoughts when I saw the hunter seat in the forest.

It was pre-installed before acquiring this land…

How can I eat someone I love.

I need to become very ignorant to eat animal again.

I mean to call it meat and pretend to not know where the dead corpse, wrapped in plastic foil, lying in the supermarket fridge is coming from.

Anyway, it seems to be very beneficial for our Mama Moo’s to be here: they graze everything down, which is otherwise unused.

They are having shelter from wind & weather. Plus all the grass on the field can become their hay for wintertime.

And who knows – maybe we will grow their own Corn one day…

Another great day, living in harmony with the god given laws of nature…

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