Three Sisters

One thing was missing!

We already planted squash and beans this season. Two of three sisters.

Now that it feels like summer is almost over, actually the 2nd half of the season is just about to start!

The native Indians were saying that the "big spirit" sent 3 Sisters to America - I guess this is the point where my Three Sisters are sitting somewhere in Germany, England and Netherlands and make a big relieved sigh...

Three Sisters

Squash, Beans and Corn are the 3 that like to grow together. Indeed, they give higher yields when planted together.

Now, we are kind of gambling or just giving it into the hands of the Lord, as we are planting very laaaate.

Accidentally grown Corn in Cow dung compost. Now relocated into Gopals garden.

Why do we spread 1200 Corn seeds, seeing the chances are 50/50 that the frost will hit them, before maturing?

To become self sufficient is relying to a big extent on grains. Our teacher advised us to grow grains and stock them for 2years. And meanwhile to live simple and spent more time for spiritual activities.

In the wintertime we hope to be able to travel to Florida and maybe even Texas. Especially to do a lot of Harinam. Chanting sacred mantras.

Besides the mild summer, that indicates that it could be an extended summer there is another old wisdom about corn:


"One for the blackbird, one for the crow, one for the soil and one to grow."

Hm, 1200 divided by 4 makes 300. Each plant may give between 3-7 ears (Corn kolbe). That makes... NO stop! - as we learn in the early basic of spiritual ABC (in Bhagavad Gita), we should not meditate about the fruit of our actions, expecting anything to enjoy for us, but to lay it in the hands of the Lord, just giving everything we can, with full heart and devotion.

In that sense, I imagine now that in 2 month time, I will make one fresh corn bread, just harvested from the field, grounded with a solar driven mill and warm served to our teacher, Srila Prabhupada.

I will keep you dated...


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  2. Samuel Lauer

    Hare Krishna, alle Ehre sei Srila Prabhupada!

    Bin mir sicher, dass Srila Prabhupada mit euch sehr zufrieden ist.
    Denke es ist eine ziemlich anstrengende Zeit für euch so auf euch alleingestellt in Amerika.
    Wünsche euch nur das beste und bin mir sicher, dass Krishna euch mit unbezahlbarem spirituellen
    Fortschritt segnen wird. Krishna möchte patram puspam und ihr gibt euer ganzes Leben.
    Ich habe großen Respekt davor.

    Dein Diener,
    Sri Hari Das

  3. Varaha d.

    Hare Krsna, All glories to Srila Prabhupada, Pamho. I hope your three sisters experiment works up there in NY and you get a yield of something. We have grown the 3 sisters system before but now we just grow them all separately in rows, it is much easier to cultivate/weed and water. I see from your picture that you are using black plastic mulch, we also use to do that but now we just use leaves from the forest or hay, it enriches the soil and lets the rain penetrate better .The soil here is very sandy and if we don’t get enough rain, and that seems to happen more that we would like, we have to get out the hoses or the soaker hoses to give the plants a drink. Let us know how your experiment turns out.

    Yhs, Varaha d.

  4. Varaha d

    I see on the weather that it is now getting cooler up there, did your experiment turn out?

    Down here we have been on a harvesting frenzy since fall has arrived and since the cool fronts seem like they are rather frequent and strong this fall, so we are harvesting and planting like crazy. We just dug our sweet potatoes and fall irish potatoes. Today we started on the kasava root. On top of that we put up plastic on our green house that houses our tulasi and other warm weather crops/plants and planted some carrots and assorted greens outside in the garden.
    Down south it seems like there is always something that can/needs to be done on the land because of the milder climate. Krsna willing we still have a large patch of sugar cane to harvest and process before a frost comes. Never a dull moment.

    Keep up the good work!

    Jai Srila Prabhupada.
    Hare Krsna, Hare Rama.

    Yhs,Varaha d.

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