5 Reasons to grow Sugar Beets

Sugar Beets. After growing Sugar cane in Fiji, I get another chance to finish this unfulfilled desire.

We were growing cane in Fiji, but never came to harvest it fully before the big hurricane.

But that's another story. We lost all bananas at that time. And somehow our coolness. If you like, I can write more about the hurricane and how it made a men die by the bite of a shark, right in front of our beach.

Now I really want to focus on the sugar beets, to share my enthusiasm with you.


In Fiji we had heavy duty hand crank wringer rollers, which we brought from Germany. You know - the good old antique quality from 50 years ago. Steel.
Not the plastic that soon cracks and makes you buy again.

Actually we were thinking, that we need this wringer to dry our clothes.

We didn't. The Wind worked very cooperatively together with the drying rays of the scorching Sun.

But when our craving for sweetness, combined with some accidentally fallen sugar cane, left us looking like monkeys who doesn't know how to crack the coconut in front of them.

Finally, we got that idea...

To squeeze the cane through the wringer. Easy job... yes, you might think so.

In conclusion it seems that material nature very often has a surprise in petto.

Especially if we simply fantasize about our plans to make ourselves more happy.

After the rollers cracked and we managed to repair it, it just worked fine.

Amazing to see the juice coming out of the cane. And then so disappointing to see it boil down and the quantity dwindling. But that bit that is left, in it's extreme quality will remain as a positive memory.

This is the actual candy that kids should have to every meal. Not only kids.

The Vedic injunction is to close a meal with something sweet.

But let's get to the point. Sugar Beets...

5 reasons why we are - again - investing into seeds (even it is so late in the season):

1. First and foremost: to please the Lord.

Yes, our tongue has been made with receptors for sweetness...

Srila Prabhupada, Lecture at Harvard University - December 24, 1969:

"If we eat things which are in goodness... They are prescribed in the Vedic literature that wheat, rice, SUGAR, milk product, vegetables, fruits, these things are in goodness.

So if you want to increase your quality of goodness, that is required for God realization.

Unless you are situated in the quality of goodness, you cannot be promoted to the higher platform."

2. White sugar literally became poison.

It is bleached, sometimes whitened with cow bones.

It makes heart disease. Ruins the gut flora. Makes the blood acidic.

Causes de-mineralization. Triggers over eating and addiction. etc etc.

3. Organic sugar is too expensive. At least if you have two kids...

And is it really organic at all...

We saw recently how the brown color of the sugar, separated from the sugar itself. How is this?

Ananta prepared a dish where sugar was soaked in water... After a while the sugar on the bottom was white and brown color was floating on the surface. Hmm...

I don't even want to continue that thought :O

4. We simply have to re-educate ourselves. Do we want to rely on Monsanto and co. to get our daily food? We have to learn to survive on our own and not stay forth class men, which are always dependent on other.

5. It is just too easy to grow sugar beets - and even then to process them.

I will keep you posted about how they grow and especially the processing - if by the grace of the Lord the deer will not come and have a little snack...

Some people grow sugar beets to fatten and shoot deer. You can imagine how much they like it.

But from the 23 deer that used to come some month ago, only around 6 or so dare to come close to our plot. Because..... the frightening monk that raises his arms and shouts a thrilling UAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH is waiting for them before dawn...


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