Simple living, high thinking.

Today. Morning dew. Corn leaf.

Flickering happiness is just like the drops on a leaf.

Very beautiful for a very limited time. Actually it is the same with our lifes. So why should we just continue with what we once started for our whole life?

Only for a little flickering happiness? To serve the family? The country? Will they live forever? What is the aim of life?

We stopped working as project manager in IT and Doctors Assistant, to get out of the clutches of the materialistic system. But where can you find something anti-materialistic? It must be something spiritual, which is the opposite of material.


The spirit, which can not be measured by any sort of scientist is what we are interested in. The subtle unwritten laws you cannot see. Actually they are written out and you can see them in the Bhagavad Gita where the most powerful spirit is telling us exclusively about these highest secrets. Krishna.

Hidden between mass media and buried under our busy daily schedules. To understand this highest truth, to think high, we want to get really down to earth.

As humble farmers, living a self sufficient life. Dependent on the Lord and his creation.

While we are on this long journey, back to the spiritual realm, we want to share our unsignificant experiences and hope that it can become some significance by inspiring you, to also take some smaller or bigger steps towards living simple and thinking high...!?

For the ones who feel inspired by the topic - here is one nice quote from Bhaktivinoda Thakur, that hits the mood:

What kind of world is this anyway

"What kind of world is this anyway? It seems to be just like a magic lantern show that I saw at a
carnival, wherein so many shadows and optical illusions dance magically before my eyes. I feel
great attachment and identification with such a world, and thus day after day pass by fruitlessly,
without any purpose whatsoever."

He sings that in the wonderful song "durlabha manava janma".

Ok, you want more... I see 😀

Can you emphasize with these feelings?

What's next...

"4) When this body drops dead on the ground then what will remain mine? At that moment, all of my
sons and dearest loved ones will not be able to give me any happiness.

5) I work hard just like an ass everyday and now I am wondering for whom am I working so hard? I
am still surrounded by so many illusions.

6) I waste every day in useless, insignificant work, and I waste every night controlled by sleep. And
in every 24 hours I never for one second consider that cruel death is sitting very close by my side.

7) I live a very carefree life-style, sometimes eating a lot, or eating a little if I feel like it, sometimes I
see nice things around the town, or sometimes I do not go out at all, sometimes I wear opulent clothing,
or if I'm in the mood, I'll wear something simple. I live so carefree that I never consider that one day I
will have to give up this body.

8) My poor heart is plagued by constant anxieties about the maintenance and daily turmoil created by
my body, my house, my wife, my family members and my social obligations. All these anxieties
are pinching me and destroying all my intelligence.

9) Alas, alas! What a remorseful situation has arisen! I am absorbed in all this trouble, but I never
consider that all these things are temporary and subject to perish very soon. After I'm dead and
gone, where will all of my material opulences remain?"


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