Mustard University

Mustard seeds - I just learned a lot from them.

Right now we have some million seeds here. Really!

Sometimes it's easier for me to grasp something, through volume or through an intense feeling.

First blood

And so to say, "first blood" of the season was shed right now.
Do the hunters say something like that when their season starts?
Anyway, we are just starting our "hunting" season for greens and dropped the first Mustard seeds in the ground!

A gift of Mother Nature.

Oh what a joy to see the field cleared after 3 month of abandoning it.
And sooooo many seeds. And theoretically they are all for free.
A gift of Mother Nature. We could just pick them up after the plant goes to seed. Now let me tell you about the thing that I learned - and this is no over exaggeration, it is so much bigger, bigger, bigger than this Universe.

A bucketful of mustard seeds

So to call a University 😀 Mustard University. Let me just quote from the Vedas: "the total universes ... of the Lord are compared to a bucketful of mustard seeds.
One mustard seed is calculated to be a universe itself. In one of the universes, in which we are now living, the number of planets cannot be counted by human energy, and so how can we think of the sum total in all the universes, which are compared to a bucketful of mustard seeds?"

Just imagine that for a while and feel humble...
If you have problems with getting into your humble mood, just start counting the Mustards on the picture. I mean it - don't smile, TRY 🙂
Otherwise I know where you can get some pound of Mustard,
millions and billions of them....

your Farm Monk, back in the game ?


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