Farm Monks

Our German family just started growing on 1 acre in New Paltz, New York.

Literally - we are growing, in so many aspects...

Before I tell you how, let me quickly introduce us:

We learned to farm in Fiji and ended up with machetes and pitch fork.
But that's another story...

"We", that is: My wonderful Wife Ananta plus the incredible helpers Gopal (7), Damodar (6) and finally me, Bharat.

You may ask why these names don't sound German at all... You could say these are our spiritual Nicknames, all surcharged with a specific meaning.
Well, when we left Germany and started our adventure 2,5 years ago,
we not only left the self-destructive and boring 9-5 job.

Moreover - we exchanged most of our material assets, to similar things, which are simply one world difference....

Actually, we did not really exchange them. We simply try to offer to the Lord whatever we have.
There is only one supreme being and he has unlimited names.
One of his beautiful names is Krishna - the all attractive...

Right, you got it... we are living similar to Monks. In a family. On a farm. Farm Monks.
We re-ignited the spiritual spark that gives the special touch to everything.
Actually our spiritual teacher Srila Prabhupada did that: without him, we would still be in darkness.

Ridiculously I was thinking of myself better than others,
because I thought I have seen the truth.
That was when I understood the well-kept forces behind the Governments, all the Wars, the ruling elite behind the federal banks, pharmacy lobby, etc etc.

Ok, now I will tell you something "they" really don't like us to know.
A well kept secret which they try to hide in between their Mass Media Propaganda.

We are actually not the names you read above.
We, including you, are all spirit soul.
A minute spark. Antimaterial. Spiritual. Not ordinary. Not perceptible. Not with our limited senses.

Now that we are speaking about it... They really want us to get entangled,
just to live for gratifying our senses. Don't think. Enjoooy...
Everything came into existence by chance. Big Bang. There is no life after death.
Do what you want, live your life and ENJOY... The modern Opium for the people is: consuming. Whatever you can imagine...Music, Internet, Food - the real purpose behind this is to make us forget to ask these elementary questions:
Who am I? Why am I here? What is my position in this life?

Everything that is being, comes from one source. And this source is a person.

It is our goal to remind ourselves of this simple fact, but as we are too much impregnated by all this modern material things, we have a hard time with it.

Now, being on our way, we want to start living simply again.
Off the system. Off the grid. To become self-sufficient and live off the land. From free organic food.
Homeschooling. No vaccinations and chemical antibiotics, but essential oils and colloidal silver for our healthy boys.
Selling Micro greens, cow dung, vegetables. Building a cottage.
Boondocking in an RV, digging our own well. All this and more. Unconventional. Adventorous.
We want to share some of our experiences with you.

Please let us know what you think and share your experiences with us!

The Farm Monks 😀