The deep well…of material existence – and a shallow well

Did you ever think of your life as a deep well?

I mean this article is about a real well with water. Hopefully one without e-coli...

But hand on heart - Isn't it like that?

Like a deep well of material existence that is very hard to get out of?

Once we are born into it, we can not STOP our life.

We HAVE TO live.

We HAVE TO do what we have to do.

As good as we can. But how?

For now we need water. I mean my family. Especially my dear wife Ananta needs something else then the either muddy brown or green algae substance from the big pond.

Hence, it is only by Krsnas (Gods) mercy that we haven't get sick yet.

Thanks to Ananta who constantly produces colloidal silver.

High tech Colloidal Silver device: Three 9Volt batteries + 2 Silver Coins (thanks to Govinda Sundara!)

As a result we can spray our hands, plates, etc. to keep it sterilized in the midst of nature.

We pump our water with such a gasoline eating monster from the pond.

It stinks and is really loud.

I mean it is very helpful and we are grateful indeed, but moreover, I definitely have to show my boys that there is an easier way to access water.

120meter from the pond to the Motorhome

That being said, we decided to make a shallow well.


Making our own well

I already started on something very easy.

When we had no water in the big farm building, last year in the big drought, we had to make a new one.

It was so impressive. A 84year old countryside men came to do it. I was thinking, well, since it costs a lot of money to do it professional and as we don't have much, we have to live what the Lord gives. And finally, what he gave...! This 84year old men took a Y-shaped branch and just walked around to douse for water.

Especially noteworthy - he insisted that it should be from an apple tree - with preferably sweet apples. 😉

He found water and dug with his excavator. I guess that must have cost around 1500$. A deep well would have cost 7000$. Now our family has no budget at all to afford something like that.

Ok, I have to confess we paid maybe something like 150$ for our well materials.

Hence, we just copied what he taught us, cut a branch, searched and found one spot. At least we have the comforting illusion there could be water. 😀

Drilling your own well became pretty famous and was being used in ancient times - even nowadays people in non western countries know some of the principle.

I wanted to start with something easy. Actually it turned out to be a bit more sophisticated than it looked in my mind, as I'm quick about grasping the fruit of work which hasn't even begun yet.

Somehow I had the mercy to learn about a very cheap and easy way to make a well.

In conclusion: you just have to take a pipe, put a cap on it and ram it into the ground. Or technically correct spoken, I should say drive it into the ground.

Provided you have a high water table, as we do...

Surely, a tripod with a pulley for ramming the pipe into the ground helps 😉

Gopal built that under my guidance. Dead easy.


Then when the first pipe is some feet in the ground, you simply take the next one, isolate it, connect both with each other and pound it in the ground, and so forth...

In the end we will connect one of those cute hand pumps, which will keep my boys busy in providing fresh cooking water for Gaura Nitai.

If everything works out well, there will be another electric pump, running from our cigarette lighter from the van and runs over solar.

A fully functional outdoor kitchen and irrigation for our new forest garden beds will hopefully be the result.

Mother natures gift?

Long story short: If you treat the soil in the right way, it is literally black gold. Another gift of mother nature.

The same goes for collecting, literally harvesting sunlight and rainwater. Or groundwater. Wellwater.

The more we work together with mother earth we develop a deeper gratitude for all the gifts we receive.

The ultimate final source, so to speak the donator of everything - actually even more than the source, he is also the owner of everything, is the forever young and fresh looking Lord - no white beard ?

I wish that with being all busy every day, I can more and more remember that everything I do, finally is defined for his enjoyment.

Finally, in that way I can get out of the deep well of material existence...

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