Depend on Trump – Eat stone

Eat stone - that is what we face, if we depend on Trump.

I myself has to confess - I was always depending on others. Living on the cost of others - I mean it literally.

Wait a minute - what did you do in the past? Working in IT?

Sophisticated slave work

Yes, right, but for this seemingly sophisticated work, I had to be paid by others.

A slave in suit and tie.

A modern day prostitute, following his master: money.

I was fully dependent on others. Even to the extent of eating other beings.
Not capable to produce my own food.

I mean, I knew where to push the buttons to produce water and electricity in abundance.

But where does it come from?

How does it flow and why do we get this water.

Where is the water

By the way - our well is still not ready. When the cold weather came and the cows were finishing one pasture after another, our priorities switched.

And when we continued drilling, we shot down to 21ft and then - the mighty pump died. Now we are out of fresh water again...

You can imagine, my wife is delighted ?

But thanks Krsna, we installed the rain water harvesting system - formerly known as gutter ?

Ok, where did we left off?

Right, producing foodstuff.

can you imagine that there will be a time when there are no grains any more, no sugar, no milk - and people will eat each other? Horrible. But it is being predicted.

No grains, no sugar!

We can see it is a fact, that the soil is getting poorer and poorer. Animals die out, seeds are dying out. It seems 1st class men are dying out too.

With a 100000 $ Tractor we are scratching off, Mother Earth" skin, to let all the nutrients and moisture vaporizes. Why?

To pay big loans for a tractor and some land? No no - I'm smarter - I go and work in an office.

There we go again...

Office work

But when I'm hungry - what to eat.

As we don't live with the mother in one house anymore - and the wife is working as well - I have to go to the cafeteria or put something in the microwave.

In that way I unlearn how to prepare foodstuff at all and get addicted to a ton of machines in the kitchen. Or to the restaurant.

Flu shot scam

Urbanization they are calling it nowadays. Or globalization.

That's part of the agenda of the real demons behind the scenes.

It doesn't matter if Trump is a puppet of them or if he really means it, when he says that Flu-Shots are the biggest scam in medicinal history.

Nuts & Bolts

I'll tell you a secret - our kids haven't got a single shot and they are not getting sick. Do I have to be afraid to say that in public?

Seems like we are living in a really progressive society - progressive in producing Nuts & Bolts in the factories, to eat stones finally.

Excuse my sarcasm.

Eat stone

But is it not? Prepare Goodyear tire, and eat stone. Take paper. Purchase stone. That's all. This is going on. ...

No ghee, no milk.

Soul-killing civilization. And against this soul-killing civilization, this Krsna consciousness"* movement.

Soul-killing civilization

There will be no ghee, no milk? Actually we are already almost there.u don't know what Ghee is? Oh wow, I guess we really have to discuss really important stuff!

Did someone here ever made his own ghee?

Anyway, the naked truth is:

Trump IS a puppet!

A puppet in the hand of the Lord.

He is simply a demon who will be utilized to kill other demons. One day they will use all the weapons they have amassed.

Trump is a puppet

Even though there is so much evil and bad tendencies in this technological age, everything is being sanctioned by the Lord.

Everything is his energy.

We have to stop the problem by it's root. Not the symptom.

One man or another man.

The system can only be changed by changing the thinking.

I am not this body

And it all starts with the misconception of: I am this body. Let us get that clear. Now and here. I'm German. I'm 1,74cm high (actually when I was 18 and got my passport, I cheated and told them that I was 1,78cm - that is the propensity to cheat. And to present oneself in a better perspective. Two of the four human errs, which are elaborately described in Bhagavad Gita...).I see you grin, because it remembers you of something similar foolishly, you have done in the past? Please comment on it and make me grin - the big grin 😀

It is all in the Bhagavad Gita

Back to the point. I, I mean you, We - we are all the same.

Sure, we are having different positions here on planet earth and therefore different grades of wealth, beauty, strength, fame, knowledge, renunciation - but originally, our soul, the real "I", is made from spirit.

Spirit, not matter

That is the same material as the Lord. But we are much smaller.even when I'm earning 100000 $ or 1 Mio. $ per Year, I will have to die. let us stop that nonsense of continuous war and quarrel among all of us. Let us stop all these concocted aims of life's.

This Hare Krishna Movement has the potential to do so.

Hare Krishna

By the way - did you see the movie "Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami Who Started It"?haven't - I'm too busy, struggling to live simple ?

I guess that is simply a matter of depending solely on the Lord.

Hey Donald: In God we trust, right... 😉

*Srila Prabhupada, Room Conversation on Farm Management — December 10, 1976, Hyderabad


  1. Eva

    Very well written, my lovely brother. I smiled at your little lie when you were eighteen years old, it sounds very similar to my attempt to be 1,60m in my passport, when in realiy I am 1,57. Or my attempt to “use” my two nationalities to have an advantage to other people when applying for my university. After all, universities love to brag about their diversity and the many different backgrounds their students come from. Being German alone is not going to impress anyone these days, being from a so called “developing country” counts for much more. With these “little lies”, I realise that I am the driving force that keeps my hamster wheel spinning ;).

  2. Varaha d

    Hari bol.

    As devotees we should certainly be depending on Krsnas mercy. But i wouldn’t be to hard on Trump, he is only living out his good and bad karma. But between the two presidental candidates in the last election, Clinton or Trump, i prefered Trump. He is a conservative, anti abortion, pro gun constitutionalist, a economic nationalist, and he seems religious enough ( the christians fully support him), at least compared to the atheist obama ( who was pro deviant everything) and he says that he is going to try to bring america back to some sence of normallcy. Yes i know that it is kaliyuga and all that it entails but in my mind Clinton would have been continuation of the dreadful and hellish eight years of obama , if not worse. I don’t waste my time voting and getting all wrapped up in that ugrakarma but as Srila Prabhupada said ‘a blind uncle is better than no uncle’ and Trump is that blind uncle There is a story of some service that he did for Iskcon/ Lord Jaganath and the Ratayatra festival in NYC back in the 70’s, so he did some service and will certainly get some pious credits for that.

    I heard a lecture today where Srila Prabhupada was emphasizing the importance of his disciples starting and living on farm projects and then producing their own food, milk, cloth etc. Simple living and high thinking projects.Daivi-varnashrama dharma projects. Make Vrndavana projects. In fact HDG said that by doing so we would show the rest of the world how to live properly, it would have been another revolutionary form of preaching by Srila Prabhupada!! Sadly the (mis)leaders of the movement thought that it was a dumb idea because then they wouldn’t be able to collect as much money (they didn’t think that Lord Krsna could provide it i guess), and never passed the word on down to the ‘rank and file’ so life in iskcon went on as usual. As a result of this disastrous disobedience of the orders of the spiritual master, iskcons farm were never really taken seriously , nor manned, nor funded, etc. in order to get them up and functioning the way HDG envisioned. Only just a few exist today and they are struggling. Many if not most devotees just got a job and lived in town, it was ‘easier’ to live that way, ‘farm work is to hard’, ‘everyting is more available in the city(at wal-mart)’, ‘it’s easier to get around’ … i’ve heard most of their excuses. Anyway i could get into a long rant about the whole subject but the good things is that some disciples have decided to try and please HDG and try to do what they can to follow that instruction. The down side is that most of these devotees are splayed all over the place so there is no real community to speak of. No concrete example, complete project that covers everything from a-z and soup to nuts. A householder couple on their own project just don’t have the time to do all that is needed to become fully self sufficent as Prabhupada evisioned, at least i haven’t heard of or seen one. They just do the best and the most that they can with what they have, trying to please HDG and Lord Krsna, and also depending on their mercy only.

    Jai Srila Prabhupada!

    I might post more on this latter.

    Yhs,Varaha d.

    1. Post

      ? my obeisances!
      I agree with all points. I didn’t know about Trumps service for the Ratha Yatra… Maybe Krsna will even use him for more important things in the future…

      It is so encouraging to hear from other farming devotees and think of a community where all these examples cone true!

      Thanks for your comment Prabhu and please keep on sharing with us city greenhorns ?
      Ys Bharat das

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